Episode 81 - We're Back! Author Spotlight with Cheryl Suchors and Jean P. Moore

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Episode Eighty One Show Notes
CW = Chris Wolak
EF = Emily Fine

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– Currently Reading –
The Dutch House – Ann Patchett (EF) release date 9/24/19
Middlemarch – George Eliot (CW)

– Just Read –
The Butterfly Girl – Rene Denfeld (EF) release date 10/1/19
A Well-Read Woman: The Life, Loves, and Legacy of Ruth Rappaport – Kate Stewart (CW)
Chris wrote a review of this book on her blog.
Never Have I Ever – Joshilyn Jackson (EF) release date 7/30/19
The Hotel Neversink – Adam O’Fallon Price (CW) 8/6/19
City of Girls – Elizabeth Gilbert (EF)
Evie Drake Starts Over – Linda Holmes (EF)
If You Want to Make God Laugh – Bianca Marais (CW)(EF)
Chris wrote a review of this book on her blog.

– Biblio Adventures –
Chris presented a paper, and generally immersed herself in all things CATHER, at the 17th International Willa Cather Seminar. She went on several field trips including the, Willow Shade (the home where Willa lived with her family for her first nine years, Capon Springs, National Museum of American History and Culture, Winchester Book Gallery, and The Handley Library. She wrote about the Handley Library on her blog.

Emily did a lot of traveling including:
Ireland: Dubray Books & Trinity Library
Portugal: Bertrand Livreiros
Michigan: McClean & Eakin Booksellers

Emily attended a joint event with RJ Julia Booksellers and Meigs Nature Center featuring Bren Smith and his book Eat Like a Fish: My Adventures as a Fisherman Turned Restorative Ocean Farmer

– Upcoming Jaunts –
July 24, 2019 – Wesleyan RJ Julia, Bianca Marais author of If You Want to Make God Laugh in conversation with Jennifer Blankfein.
July 25, 2019 – RJ Julia Booksellers, Jill Abramson author of Merchants of Truth: The Business of News and the Fight for Facts
July 25, 2019- The Willa Cather Book Club at Bookclub Bookstore & More
July 31, 2019 – Savoy Bookshop & Café, Lisa Taddeo author of Three Women

– Upcoming Reads –
Fleishman Is in Trouble – Taffy Brodesser-Akner

– Author Spotlight –
48 PEAKS: Hiking and Healing in the White MountainsCheryl Suchors
Author Website: www.cherylsuchors.com
Facebook: Cheryl-Suchors-author
Twitter: @cherylsuchors
Instagram: @cherylsuchors

Tilda’s PromiseJean P. Moore
Author Website: www.jeanpmoore.com (Be sure to check out the Book Group tab!)
Facebook: /JeanPMooreAuthor
Twitter: @jean_pmoore
Instagram: @jeanpmoore

– Also Mentioned –
Also by Rene Denfeld: The Child Finder and The Enchanted
Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy: The Story of Little Women and Why It Still Matters – Anne Boyd Rioux
The Shining – Stephen King
Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert
Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast
The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals – Michael Pollan
She Writes Press